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of the glottis and amaurosis. Other secondary affections arc pericarditis peri
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peculiar dusky pallor quite pronounced in brunettes but distinct in
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For the prevention of sepsis the world was indebted to
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oedema is rare for a pressure sufficient to produce an advanced degree of
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dences of disordered digestion are frequent. General symptoms such as
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and told me so spontaneously. She now is florid and
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venosity as hypersemia occurs almost exclusively along with a venous state
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and a decisive answer required. I have witnessed in fornier
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charge which is sometimes mixed with blood flows from tlie
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Having noticed in the Sept. No. of the Journal a communi
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by them and in general they had found that positive
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this case that not only the vessels of the spleen but likewise the
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Dr. J. Stearns of Albany and published in the second
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pyogenes for micro organisms. His repetition of Grawitz s test
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in considering these drugs outside the stage under discus
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was considerable although not such as to give a decidedly epidem
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ions. Satisfactory findings do not prevent the issu
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cisive for either positive or negative diagnosis of
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about the treatment of pneumorrhagia or parenchymatous haemor
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for it fills up the void left by the emptying of the
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The Bar and even the Ministry does not possess it. And then
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He found hot air to work more satisfactorily. The ap
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Indeed much indignation has been felt in many professional
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fever in the ground squirrel it is necessary to carry
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organs and tissues mentioned do not appear to act as phagocytes
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and struck the margin of a blood clot. He again trephined
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veterinary profession in America would b.e were it not for the in
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the diathesis already existing Our present knowledge does not enable us to
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projection already noted when examining the patient externally.
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yond these States. After the lapse of three or four

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