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Course and prognosis. — The symptoms do not appear to be aggravated
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it is offering cooperation to ten counties upon a definite plan, which
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of venereal diseases to be the education of all concerned.
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tion of Independence, by John Sanderson, in 9 vols. 8vo.
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ly or more grave lesions of syphilis, does any physician
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Maissonneuve therefore applied to each vessel a little pledget of charpie soaked
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proven. Baginsky^ in 1892 describes a vulvo-vagini-
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Healing Art," comments on the universality of amuletic
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unnecessary, every one of these valuable symptoms would
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this stage ; though it is extremely difiicult to say where this
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These are large principles of honour which we are glad to see strictly
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vessels showed chronic interstitial changes. Br. Wlirdemann gave a complete
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as well without as with mercury, provided enough sal-
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The pain of pericarditis is much relieved by an ice-bag applied to the
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face, numerous large and small tenacious, whitish-yellow drops of
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running a longer and more sure course, having their
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emesis, and fever then developed. His urine showed many
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value of drugs when administered internally. All we wish to
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trephine opening is needed, these methods possess the disadvantage
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of the codex, as ordinarily prepared, is of unceitain
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the Gambian Protectorate^ during the winter of 1902, died from definite sleeping-
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a subject too apt to be overlooked, are much to the
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homicidal mania. He fled to France after the perpetration of the crime,
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slow, and are finally arrested, while the heart-beat is
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agents wliich interfere with zymotic infectious, or as
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great value, aud is abundantly able to stand on its
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pruritus vulva;, caused, as it usually is, and especially during
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nervous disorders did not cause emaciation, with cer-
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ger finger. Med. News, N. Y., 1898, Ixxii, 367.— [Votta
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transmitted and communicate the disease, and by destroy-
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tact: University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Office of CME,
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parts concerned with it were found perfectly sound and free from the morbid
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stance, as those in which patients, out of mere fear and
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of operation, in 12 a peritonitis which was localized
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We cannot conclude this notice without again repeating our oft-
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2. Secondary to intracranial disease in infants. The Infantile Cerebral
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sinkijig fast ; pulse flickering, and extremities cold. She died
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Schiperovitsch, of St. Petersburg, has given fresh kidney extract to thirty-five
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Hospital service during the week ended December 2 1,
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at hand, that the deaths from chloroform inhalations will

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