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the intestines are highly congested. Hemorrhages are found

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chez una femme de soixante ans difficulte du diagnostic

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larger that of nitrogenous snbstance and mineral matter smaller. In many instances tbe

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from Philadelphia that only of the children examined there

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resolved into an introduction of any given series of particles p l

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frequent in this country than in Europe. The proportion of

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would far exceed the limits of this paper. They may all

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his and mine are I think equally well calculated to fulfill the

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is a sepai ate new and special creation the exclusive gift

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and endorse it. Therefore they applied again to the Presi

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tuberculin with a poisonous substance produced by germs

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sickness of one of the family became an additional reason

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she told him what she had done. He immediately sent for two

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upon the hard palate which soon disapjieared no eruption was

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this city prepaied their Report submitted it to the Medical

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personally witnessed the outbreak of this the fijrst epidemic

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have the best things and the best places in their sphere There

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which by general consent have now been relegated to other groups of

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Lectureships in Tropical Medicine have been widely established in British medical

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bountiful nature has provided for his use. Even among educated persons

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The prognosis of the fever then must be largely influenced

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The oil which is obtained by expression is about as thick

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but we believe that teachers of anatomy are almost unanimous in

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by an agreement with the Medical Society the College

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vessels and at present I wish to emphasize the equal importance

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ning encouraged all other departments of medicine. Indeed

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amination for the Degree of Bachelor of Medicine will commence

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years the position of Veterinary Editor of Wilkes Spirit of the

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and then freed. Presenting at the incision were several sub

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citis. Out of cases operated on under the fourtli day

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Every page of this charming work of Dr. Marvin bears

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action of galvanism. In chronic cases the administration of tonics

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ornamental shrub. It is almost as large as the oleander.

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Bin neuer Beitrag znr Lehre von der Placenta prasvia.

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After the marriage Mrs. Eeed often visited her daughter Mr.

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extent. The State of Illinois M as interested in the matter and

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The letter of oiu Liverpool correspondent recounts another

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Warm quarters and blanketing will cause shedding. Clipping

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sujierficial circular with ragged edges varying in size

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