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responds to a depression which I shall presently describe, known as the
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Laws of the said Corporation, may be proposed to the College to be ad-
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gouge and several sequestra were removed. The edges of the cloaca had
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sively among the cattle in some parts. In Somerset and Dorset, and
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reports and other matters of medical interest: — The Indian Medical Gazette,
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In the wards I found about twenty cases, including six of labour, a
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the origin of life, with the view of solving that crux of philosophers, the
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Injury OF the Head by a Fall: Deafness: Loss of Equili-
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comparative anatomy, for example (if it be not invidious to quote it),
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as will make them work judiciously; all else they can manage for them-
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Committee to labour for that end, and they were bound to insist upon
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excited a suspicion of scarlatina ; nevertheless, his parents sent him
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tensive Dispensary (open daily) and Lending Library are attached, is
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tributions of .-ill classes of their fellow-countrymen. From the foundation
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pollutions of the atmosphere must be dealt with by compulsory mea-
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able how the typhoid picked out the customers of this dairy in separate
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those who profess total abstinence. Medical men have not examined
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I have only given you specimens of what is being done in prepara-
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allow its use ; but he was at length induced, in a case which seemed
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Dr. Barnes had inhaled the gas for one minute, and that he exhibited
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John Gibson Gordon. Madeira; Peter Macpherson Grant, Scotland; John
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means act as a source of danger to the patient ; but, whatever force this
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that day, after retiring to rest, she was seized with flatulent pains and
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The Examination is conducted, first by printed questions, to be an-
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Benson. Consnlting Ophthalmic Surgeon — Dr. A. Jacob. Consulting
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*°f,'j=':k the extension of this highly infectious disease,
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After due consideration, I determined, with the patient's permission,
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adopted total abstinence principles, he had been told to take wine to
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tients had died of pya;mia in the few days before my visit ; and other cases
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and this can be done as in the removal by the ligature, by passing an
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contagious influences, cannot be ignored. This possibility of the oc-
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They must study therapeutics, the actions and uses of remedies, and
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aneurism of aorta, at Dr. Lowe's, Anglesey, near Gosport, on August 10th.
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pyreumatic and irritant character which often make coifee more especi-
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the General Medical Council. He could scarcely charge the Report
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being involved, there is paralysis of the nervous plexus of the vessels
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asylum should be dictated to by paid commissioners ?" The conse-
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p&r cent, per annum. This year, C. (to use his own words) "throws down the
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very dear; — these are some of the pre-existent and exciting causes.
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