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can be made out and our confidence is once more shaken.
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Issues of the Exchequer, containing similar matter to the above ;
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borough outbreak neuritis was a prominent feature. If some of the cases with
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will only charge from five to fifty dollars a month. Their
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demic from the established symptoms of poliomyelitis,
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Another curious fact was the presence in the same pre-
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a local process are greater in its immediate neighborhood than at a
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was a urinary calculus, removed by lithotomy from a
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Sarooma of the Tendons.— Robert F. Weir (New York).
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presume to say so — upon the fast-narrowing sands of
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Dr. Cyrus Thompson, Jacksonville : I hold in my hand a resolution
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S}'mptom8 on the part of the gastro-intestinal organs
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of /5-oxybutyric acid which is contained in it. In the case of urines
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the fifth dorsal vertebra, the negative over the sacrum or to the peri-
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any special organ special terms are used, as gastroptosis,
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sunshine till it is darkened ; if mottled, wash it a second time, and
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anomalous, nothing is inconsistent; with the evolu-
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name and figure number. Used photographs, drawings and cuts
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with a bloody fluid. The blood-vessels at the base of the
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German, or French, before graduation. It was proposed that the
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common in the United States, and therefore merely requires this brief allusion."
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supervening during convalescence or after recovery. We shall see later
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refractory to a second cutaneous inoculation with a \drus of equiva-
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the circumstances on which the latter depends I have not ascertained.
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Persons who are habitually addicted to over-indulgence in eating, or to
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The Lords of Her Majesty’s Treasury, after a careful
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be made for a charter of incorporation for the school, and all
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the skin about the forehead rough, distended and parched; the
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Cajises. — If blood itself is present, this is due to inflamma-
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amongst those whose cerebral structures are still in a rudimentary
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city, where the buildings are principally occupied as shops,

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