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arthritis (of the large joints), pericarditis, ulcerative endocarditis, pycemia, and erysipelas — these are all
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meclizine dosage for severe vertigo
Haversian canals, seem to be equally affected. The cancellous part of
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sac by an ulcerative process and the admission of air from some organ
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renders the prognosis unfavorable ; visceral inflammations, esiDecially pneu-
is meclizine 25 mg used for vertigo
brane will be found to present the appearance of a detached brown or black
meclizine hydrochloride medication
will then pass through the walls of the blood-vessels and stain more or less
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Part I., BBITISH WATEBING PLACES, both Inland and Seaside, ia
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walls are thickened, tubercle-tissue is found in them, and ulcers are not
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the diminution of their calibre, the passage of urine from the kidneys to
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tis. For this micro-organism the sections are first treated with any of the
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also known by the term '"'black measles." Hemorrhages also occur from
is meclizine safe for dogs
increases and the free surface of the pleura assumes a rough, shaggy ap-
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zone around the affected spot is much intensified. Some describe this as a true sphacelus of the part ; but
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bromides, to neutralize the diphtheritic poison, although strongly advocated
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and vertigo ; but in a large majority of cases it is ushered in by a distinct
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only for a day — at other times they are visible throughout the whole
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This is due to some peculiarity of the poison, and is characteristic of cer-
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