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Hence I feel bound, unhesitatingly, to discountenance the use of all
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an infectious disease which occurs enzootically and in epi-
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forces of the heart. The special combustive processes have for
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As a class, the lesions known clinically as wound infections
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time in the physician's office and is relieved of many of
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he repeats the usual reckless statements of the teetotal party as
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The mucosa of the abomasum, and especially of the duodenum,
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becomes of the ounce daily of absolute alcohol which is neither
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a clay color, and is occasionally infiltrated with a large number
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his hands. He shall charge upon his books Onslow, Duplin, Bladen, Sampson, Col
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the liope of recovery ; yet the acid treatment proved successful.
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membrane of the stomach ; as there was morning retching, and
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trophy, and so employed a treatment that not only failed o\ its
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urethral length in hypertrophy. ner that the incision will not heal and thus
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majority of horses are not susceptible or nearly so, to these
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Occasionally the lesions become more extensive and the death
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the free embryos also are usually found. If the water-like appearance of the blood,
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on the inner surface of the thighs and abdomen and in abortive
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had spread over Southern Europe. It is also stated that cases
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sary to prevent infection of extra vascular tissue in introduc-
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mon source, the soil. The virus seems to exist in the soil in
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cause the development, from the sub-maxillary lymph glands,
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nuclei and have become fused into a formless mass. It is
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degree and permanency of congestion — the suspension of secretion
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the present time. Much has been done, but room with the necessary outfit for aseptic
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to the cure of disease, we recommend this book as a valuable
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largely of congestion of the mucosa especially in lines corres-
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buted mostly, if not altogether, to the tannin existing in it; but
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Treatment of Hooping-cough by Hydrochlorate of Quinine .... 308
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only, for the sake of the alcohol which they contain ; the only other
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these, so as to understand them as well as the most ordinary chemical
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bacteriologist, one has stolen a "march" of form and traumaticin ; and as a 5 per cent,
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structures of the body. Speaking broadly, it does no good, and
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lymph deteriorates the human race ; that it may be the means by

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