Hyzaar Reaction

the service of the Ottoman Government, who took a leading
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■ Salford, Preston, Leeds, Hull, Gateshead, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne;
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Co., London ; Dr. G. A. Heron, London ; Mr. E. Haiman, London ; Mr.
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discussed, and the great difierence in the characters of some
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(London ; H. K. Lewis. New Sydenham Society). Pliysiography, by Pro-
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Eyelids. Parkes Museum. 74A, Margaret Street, W., 3.30 p.m.
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l>ecoming imperceptible. Artificial respiration was at once
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if one had each individual case before one. In the absence
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They deplore the undignified competition among the lower
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We learn that inoculation against Asiatic cholera by Haflf-
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appointed to the otiiciating medical charge of the 1st Madras Infantry
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Mr. Holmes Spicer narrated a case of diphtheria of the
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P. Giellet. Guys Hospital; J. B. Hall. Yi rkshire College Leeds-
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the British Medical Journal some years ago that the author in-
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to the contents of the control beaker. The result of these
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proposed to visit Chicago during the Exhibition to send their
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now urged that, if in any case a county medical officer of health
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special. She was well nourished, and her general condition
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last session of the Council, and will be laid before the mem-
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Establishment, having completed twenty years' full pay service, are pro-
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The patient, a girl, aged 19, was admitted to St. Bartholo-
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Dr. de Havilland Hfill ; lupus of the larynx arrested by re-
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may claim for medicine, and more especially, perhaps, for
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the compact shell, then the pressure on the cord could not be
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been translated into German from the recent revised English
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an inch and a-half were made in the stomach wall and in the
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so that the busy practitioner should be able to obtain from
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Bian, Mr. A. H. Acland, Mr. Woodall, Mr. J. Bryce, and Mr. Robertson.
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report of the Medical .\^id Associations Committee, which will
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quest recently held did not give a very clear idea of the sad circum-
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amounts to 2,722,296 francs ; the credit account is 86,000
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