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shrinkage. According to the linear extent, depth, and general con-

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strictly scientific principles, stone and glass being used for

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lic poisons; (/') intra-laryngeal applications of the

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Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Laboratories 1 , is now

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and subcutaneous structures on to the trachea. The incision

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Hexible laws of chemistry, as we understand them to-

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ease is a chronic and protracted one. Low diet may be necessary at

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St Petersburg to New York in the short space of one

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cil. Repeating this from behind forward, we get a series of dots,

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domen, if the risks of an operation were fairly put before

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being comphcated with congestion of the lungs. Some

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morist among the attractions of the new year. For The Cen-

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tion, and requires a watchful course of education to eradicate

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60 years and upwards, including 22 persons aged 70 and upwards,

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growth of the body of the uterus ; weight, 2 lb. 6 oz. Encapsulation

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If the cardiac dullness were not greater in the chests of well-developed

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