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wrinkled, like the fingers of a washerwoman; there is
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March 3. He spoke for the first time, at 7 o'clock. This was only a
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taken place. The feeling as the needle went through was also a matter
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ing; displacement downward of the liver and spleen by eversion of the
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fifteen minutes, to squeeze or contract these tissues to almost half
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through the rough times and has made the good times that much more enioyable. Lisa, I love you very much. , p^^^ (hat our baby will be born healthy and will have a life full of happiness.
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of the disease, it is quite possible to understand why
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to have taken place, yet the adhesive straps are kept on for two weeks
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tions between B. typhosus and B. enteritidis are shown in absorption
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same .sense as are other diseases that are due to microbes : it
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well. In 1865, she again changed her residence, this time to Brighton.
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for prevention of similar incidents (loss prevention or
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gathered at the right time and place, properly dried (a leaf
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more common in men than in women, possibly owing to the fact that the former
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and covered throughout with a diphtheritic layer yellowish in places, black
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show ; yet although astrology in his day had not that hold upon
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whitish mucus, and of occasional hoarseness. He said that he
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cent sulphuric acid is set in the squirrel hole. All of the other holes
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increase, until 6 or 7 A. M. The average increase in the men was 1.7 per minute
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March 21, 1876. When first seen, great inflammation
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have similar significance on the title-page of his book,
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- Read before the Massachusetts Medical Society, June 2, 1874.
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quiring what was the condition of the bowels, he an-
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tissues. The joint affected may be much swollen but the
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quartan sporuhition occurs every 72 hours. There may W
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Abdomen. — Intestines of a bright red colour and covered here
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centration in the blood which approximates 2.5 mg. per 100 c.c.
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sionally present, but it is rarely due directly to the cholangeitis, except
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I generally commence tlie treatment of infantile clnb-
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This is a question that admits of controversy pro and con, as does
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Occasionally colic is complained of but this seems more due to intestinal
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monly treated much too lightly, considering its liability
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others before the discovery of the parasite, but none has been re-

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