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begins to disappear. It is frequently absent on the fourth day
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chrifi). This interstitial tissue stands in the vessels in connexion with the
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citement among the insurance companies, and a larg:e
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Riplev hail been able to discover, he had touched upon
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the ' sick-headaches ' and ' bilious attacks,' which pursue their victim through
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ity of cases. The diagnostic points involved in discriminating
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several small enlarged glands. A few glands were enlarged in
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connected with diabetes, although the latter may exert an unfavor-
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attacks in May, June, and July; (6) those suffering in August
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On Theory and Practice — Howard, Mattson, Beach, and Watson.
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The daily excretion of nitrogen in fasting persons has been found to vary
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tion on public health and legal medicine. Tr. N. York
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perature, no period of exhilaration, but immediate and severe headache, dimness
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isli in color. The surface is smooth, and the capsule is easily strippe<l off.
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answering the description of the tubercle bacillus are found, one can be
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sound was introduced into the urethra, but met with an
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drop of the gastric juice a drop of a lo per cent, solution of NaOH is
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or a " difference " between drugs and diseases, except in a
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active delirium, convulsions, and coma have been observed. The skin is
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Multiple sclerosis will be considered separately, as it has a well-defined clin-
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the hip necessitates, before tightening the silkworm
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/u JpicLiLc wtciyr <J> Uu>t?)-<ni£d Lru dm rtbhid finqrt&S dl
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tubercle, and on the outskirts of larger masses ; but if the cen-
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together with a marked and early appearing prostration and delirium. The
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fectly miscible with any appropriate medium. In certain cases the addition of lr Nua Vomica gives much satisfac-
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the physician under whose charge he had been, with the usual result of aspiration
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but those who have had the advantages of large clinics

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