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trates convinced by Mr. Pollock can induce them to make up their

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Prior to an outbreak of diphtheria in any locality throat

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Kansas furnished a paper embodying the results of researches

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ments in many districts the water consumed by large populations and

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the discoloration is owing to systemic venous congestion but that

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ledge of scientific facts and clear common sense. To

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This lias a pattern of its own and even the diploe be

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planation though he expected these curious cases would

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of the tachycardia. The rate ranged from to beats per minute.

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on a man of war. The latter class of vessel in the matter

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Medicaid rolls. If every active primary physician scheduled only one Medicaid

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membranous inflammations resembling those of diphtheria cannot be pro

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I would recommend the War Minister to abolish all re

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school were already filled to overflowing. Much time

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tion of Tuberculosis in pointing out dusty streets as a medium

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bility to both currents no sensory disturbances and the

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antiseptic dressing concluded the operation which had lasted about one hour and

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by mea ns of an electric current or through intestinal dis

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Kyphosis is an antero posterior curve of flexion in the dorsal region

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counted in more cases of telangiectasis and of haemophilia. If found con

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cise heat sunlight diet and other agents as well a

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migraine is a diathetic affection and for my part I have

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South Hill Ala. illustrates this type A married woman

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ferred to. When the artery of an inflamed area is compressed the stoppage

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regarded the study of the causes of disease as utterly

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The New Education develops the manly energies by an industrial

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