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tween the bacterial cell and its environment, and that this discrepancy

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ticular constitutions renders their use inadmissible, under circum*

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was sufficient to expel the gp'eater part of the air. He found, be*

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be autogenic in nature. The atypical organisms belonging to Type

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Treatment. — The treatment of cerebral abscess is altogether surgical.

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labouring under that disease, but this he declared was not the case,

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Dr. Moore said that this was the practice also while he was con-

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off from his original and ever-active mind, at least

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extent in the southern sections of the city. In some cases it was

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exudation may cover, the synovial membrane. The ends of the bones have

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since the right gland also contained only 0.08 mg. after /3-tetra had acted for

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in the laboratory of that Hospital. He selected ten cases from the

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characteristic feature is that the greater part of the contents, which

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numbed by the action of ether; just as some persons will be kept

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The Committee on Pee Bill reported progress, and were continued.

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fellow-workei-s, who have gathered here from all parts

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fraction. This important study was later amplified by the classical experiments

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another livid red crop is appearing. In ordinary cases a crop lasts from a

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gree of occlusion is constant in the experimentally constricted vessel.

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Stohr 18 and Marcus 19 believe the small thymus cells to be capable of

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held good although the dogs had infections ranging from 250 to 150,000

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odynes, usually with danger to the patient's heart,

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is mentioned where paraplegia resulted from tumors pressing on the cord.

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this is given in pretty strong doses. From her being forced to lie

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Treatment. — Tlie treatment of ansemia is always restorative, and must be

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are at the beginning of the treatment and in which the influence of

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Fig. 2. Case 4. Before nitrogen injections were begun.

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Hydrophobia is a nervous affection, more frequently a nervous

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normal course while the process of epidermization alone responded

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Litbgow died from hydrophobic spasms, hy which asphyxia was

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Tbif ii not intended to apply to thoee caees in which the Phyeician ia

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festly accumulated more rapidly than his tongue could give them

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The eczema was cored : it was radium which started the cure and

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and may follow a traumatism, as in a fall, blow, dislocation, fracture, or

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especially investigated, that the mortality from the second intra-

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generally accompanied by intra-uterine hydrocephalus. Physiologically,

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attention to the fact of the repeated occurrence of these deep seated

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nema culture and normal serum (dilution 1 : 2) resulted in agglutina-

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