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broad ligament, displacing the uterus to the left, the portio being

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sulted in the case of a child six or seven years of age,

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wagons did not get up until a day or two after the bat-

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been kept alive by its use, I could never discover how alcohol

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signs of the intrathoracic tumors. In the second form,

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relating to the Registration of Births, Deaths aud Marriages for

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profuse suppuration with pyaemia, erysipelas and hospital

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ship in the courts of justice. The answer is simple — such

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Neuroses : Ansemic. — The effects of local anaemia upon

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activity, by which the slough was thrown off, leaving a

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then soon perceived that these small masses, independent

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been applied by me according as the deformity diminished, until

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without removing the lint. The patient was ordered to

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that puckerings, cicatrices, cretaceous concretions, and other

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different medical schools of the country establish chairs

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know how that stool you are sitting on has three legs? What

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the ascites appears to be indirectly, rather than di-

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ginia, at the time of my labors in Richmond, September,

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impacted in the hepatic, splenic and sigmoid flexures of the colon.

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dicate my doubt of their existence, sine materia, by pre-

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will repay you well for the time and efforts spent in ac-

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to them increased power, or the water itself must con-

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The plain, logical conclusion from this class of facts

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tracture of the bladder occurs alike in youth, middle life, and

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appear to choose the very cold weather for the manifestation of

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tion of the bile also. That purgation diminishes the

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zine's Woodstock coverage, arguing, "By its focus on cur

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The Library Committee desire to express their sense of great

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severity of the symptoms, which too often disappoint us in the

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Executive Committee to be elected shall be voted for upon one ticket, and

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this disease involves a liability to pulmonary phthisis. Nie-

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will elapse before the source of irration is gotten

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spine of the ilium on the opposite side, gives the best

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tion is not admissible, because it is in a diseased state,

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made with energy — the blood-wave is feeble, the pulse is

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