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lin had tried atmocausis in about cases and had been

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Excellency the Lieut. Governor to the President announcing

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joss house. As it was he was unfortunately too late to

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eases where soldiers had taken their rifles loaded them and

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quahty for a chemical value. Instead of estimating the relative proportion

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Irregular chaining and discharging do not affect them so un

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After a period of restorative treatment preparatory to

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apparently primary intestinal tuberculosis in children

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more particularly by the application of more or less weight to

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issued by this firm. It should be of marked service.

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trum consists in providing a free opening for the pus to

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Among the cases seen in the South apart from the results of

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balance of shoes including rules for designing or for

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after practising for a short time at Kincardin where he met and

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Monstrosities in which he gave a record of fifteen cases.

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December January and February and yet the operational losses due to mechan

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try and being asked what kind of fever it was considered

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as to the occurrence of gastric and biliary disturbances arising

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in or without leads to a failure of this their one function and

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dates for this high office and while in the present instance

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whose thigh was removed in its lower third for pulpy degeneration of

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to retain urine for a short time after micturition this latter

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pain and a complete cure was effected in a fortnight. In

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tion. Optimistic attitude of the patient upon the subject of his

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identity else one may be led to discredit methods of

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results. The local treatment consists chiefly in the use

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branous laryngitis may be membranous or true croup or

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Instead of the prolongations adhering to each other and becoming matted

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prophylaxis there had not been a single case of vulvo

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tines are brought on by fwallowing myriads of thefe and other imperceptible

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tality due to all diseases of the urinary system had already increased

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