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are many cases of anaemia which are not improved, but aggravated, not

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the epidemic character of the disease. A short period of incubation

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more active poisons. Thus we have learned that a curative serum may be

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paint or spray the pharynx and glottis with a solution of cocaine (to be

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latent nasal diphtheria which is secondary to a manifest attack of the

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the action of these waters in syphilis, but we must not forget that the

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When, in whooping-cough, food is rejected from the stomach, it is

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cupping-glasses are kept on the haemorrhage has been controlled, and

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is characteristically associated with hypertrophy and the new growth-

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Great attention, too, should be paid to warmth of the child's feet and

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amples of this tendency have already been alluded to, namely, the rapid

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creased absorption of oxygen and excretion of carbonic acid under

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when a restless child throws off the bed-clothes in its sleep. When

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imbibition from the cellular membrane lining the cerebral anfractuosities.

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la 0orsery, Jbc Philadelphia : £. L. Carey Sc A. Hart, 1637. 8yo. p. M4.

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The strongest arsenic waters used at present are those of Eoncegno

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tetanus ; but they are more sudden and more rapid in sequence, affect-

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Treatment. — In order to prevent the further formation of furuncles

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Circumstances modifying the Influence of Drugs. — Idiosyncrasy. —

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being no great dyspnoea, but the respiration becoming very frequent,

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its calibre, the two edges of the wound are doubled inwards, and sutures

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character of the pulse and cardiac rhythm, and still more from the

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would be unevenly distributed. This doctrine was largely accepted, and

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But the list is by no means exhausted. Tliere would appear to be no

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putations, and yet scarcely any two agree in deciding what method is best.

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