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Within the past five years, Havana, one of the chief endemic foci of yellow

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clinical course these cases are more favorable than tuberculosis, tending

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The choice of the operation must be made in each individual case, based

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Chickenpox (Latin, varicella; German, Wasserpocken-Windblattern;

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monia, intense congestion of the lungs, emphysema, hydro-

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series. It appears to be more common in men than in women and the time of

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rate of mortality for females at all age periods than for

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be omitted from the regular course because they interest but

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His brother-in-law, Avife and child had all been ill with diphtheria and

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scarlet fever is a streptococcus disease does not seem to receive any direct

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on rising, the specific gravity of the 24-hour amount is 1020

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good vaccine, because makers could prepare for the demand, and the virus

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nuria is almost wholly to be taken as a s^^mptom of the exist-

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meningitis is more frequent than has been supposed.

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suspect fraud or false answers in the examiners' reports.

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resistance imperfect, death of some part of the affected tissues will occur, and

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two days after the crisis and lasted two weeks with ultimate recovery;

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to recognize conspicuous service or unusual care or thorough-

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of scarlet fever. The theory that scarlet fever is a streptococcus disease

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mortality from pneumonia varies more or less in different years, epidemics,

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