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The immediate treatment presents nothing in particular :
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Dr. Henry Minton, the editor of "The Homoeopathic Journal of Obstetrics,"
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Ky., recently celebrated his hundredth birthday in the enjoyment of a banquet ten-
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rigid nature are indispensable, especially control-tests by com-
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shall be trustworthy beyond peradventure. A typhoid fever
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such diathesis may have nothing to do with the production of
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being the essayist of his class. He subsequently pursued a course of study in
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medical organizations ; he is a member of the American Medical Asso-
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Georgia L. Davy, M.D., of Lowell, has removed her office and residence from
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" Extrathoracic and intrathoracic oesophagoplasty in connection with resection
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bacilli, . . . producing -the disease which Koch calls the sep-
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stern determination to shut eyes and ears whenever a homoe-
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are not sufferers from sunstroke. Apropos of this chapter, we
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pany. All of which goes to prove, that society, in dealing with
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of those whose conclusions he opposed. The breadth of
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with the centre of the bone, render wounds of this bone
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be remembered, their escape after ulceration of the hollow
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lege, New York, in 1870-71, having the ad suidum degree
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ing the school, he at once entered the second year class in
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dressings of powdered charcoal, mixed with powder of
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Dr. Dudley's success as a skilful operator has given him
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Treatment of Acute Mastoiditis," contributions to the "Technique of
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and consideration for all his patients, he being their friend as well
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One point more : was " Bell's paralysis " a coincidence in the
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"Therapeutics of Infancy and Childhood" (1896) and 1898 and
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arm are considered practically unvaccinated. Again : of the 65
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limitation of the splinters, and the shape of the fragments,
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plugging, both tend to encourage its appearance. Vexatious
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fits of coughing went on for hours with extraordinary intensity.
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New York, June 9, 1857, son of Samuel and Mary S. (Merrill)
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peutic value of these interventions (excision of the cicatrix,
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he is held. A profound student of medical science his native talents,
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in the January issue of the "Bulletin." In the animated dis-
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said in his never-to-be-forgotten farewell speech of June, 1884 —
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