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drenching, not to get medicine into lungs. Page 280.

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Dr. Richardson is now engaged in endeavoring still further to

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position, and the series of these are impressed upon

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dentally opened, but in not a single case did the lung

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that he also thought his neck was slightly larger than

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mechanism elicited no loss of power of the right arm and

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without any fatal result. The cases reported were not

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aided cases, concluded how far they had met with success in their

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straining, so frequent in indigestion, leads an ordinary

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my preference to a limited incision, for I believe as implicitly in

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were possible to curtail the mating of the misfits.

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against cold, as the hair and bristles are a very poor

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tries, and highly seasoned foods were discontinued,

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looked alike healthy, and having their edges in close contact. On

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san bupropion st

plump, close-haired, clean, docile, contented, — these

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Case.— The patient, aged twenty-eight, was admitted to

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plague are difficult to estimate accurately. Persons famil-

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doing occurred to the untutored mind of a Silesian peasant, named

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