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adhesions, and a considerable portion of this vessel may with safety be

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The joints most affected are the knees, hips, ankles, and shoulders, but

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are sound and healthy. If any of the vertebrae which compose the

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Thb undersigned are associated for the purpose of instnicting in all the branches of Medicine and

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tbe coexistence of varicocele has been observed in several instances,

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almost machine-like in their exact sequence. Numbness of the hands and

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ventricles ; the neurilemma covering the optic commissure was oedema-

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soon as the balance between these is destroyed ill-health and disease lind a

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i On visiting him the following morning, I found him still alive, and

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molars. The author has seen a case of muscular paralysis of the arm which

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always be regarded as of fatal prognosis. The grave condition of the

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felt to the ventro-inguinal block of Dr. Hood, by the greater regularity

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especially tho coma and spirillum forms, which are always present in large

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the copper being left as before, and the flask is partly filled with water and gently

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under the following heads, viz., let, causes of cataract ; 2d, origin,

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of the epilepsy in my father's family in the year 1759, and have ever

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wide. Some were irregular, and the membrane in these parts thick and

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they like to be, till the arrival of these last, but least injurious adven*

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course of from two to six months the symptoms all disappear. The tempera-

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siderable redness and occasional sensation of heat in the face and sur-

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50 cases of cancer of different organs, in patients of the same age, taken

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are exceedingly rare in adults. Occasionally the urgent symptoms

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2. " Morcellement." — This method is suitable for long flat tonsils which

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from the community in which that gentleman's usefulness was displayed

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Autopsy, 13 hours after death. — Extremities extremely rigid. Much

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Seth L. Andrews, appointed 1835, and resident at the Sandwich Islands;

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(a) Massage, which consisted of effleui'age, petrissage, tapotement, and massage

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expectant school of Pinel, whose work on Nosography, Cabanis on

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symptoms just detailed may probably be due to this substance. In dye-

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rapid recovery of typical cases of this kind without quinine, the refusal of

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metabohsm, shown by diminished oxidation of tissues and consequent

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motk>n — all of which clearly indicated that an inflammatory action had

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a case of tabes is of evil omen, as it means, as a rule, cerebral destruction

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cord. In a rare type of sternopagus the union is more marked, with the

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nevertheless, the temperature range is to some extent a gauge of the

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some cases such an object as a bullet, a needle, or a portion of a pipe-stem,

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C. Dalton, Josiah Bartlett, Daniel Swan, John O. Green, Joshua Green,

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of putting a stop to periodic rigors and fevers, to which he had become

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house In the pleasant town of Groion, Mass., likewise suitable carriages, horses, saddles, &c.,to

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Thus, the strong liq. ferri perchloridi, though invaluable as a haemostatic,

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