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In these cases musk becomes a sort of regulator of the nervous
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showed that though weakly mineralized it contained several centi
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claimed are the definite control of the amount of blood
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fant they quickly difcover themfelves by purging him.
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than any drug. Locally any of the bland or cooling salves
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cussion of interesting cases and conditions but for the social spirit
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formation concerning the changes in its underlying and
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not been entirely clear of cases of that variety of fever but very
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The Journal can be obtained of all Booksellers and Ncxcsmen
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She expectorated quantities of sputum that was yellow
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section of those whom he was then addressing was en
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tached to the transmission of hog cholera through infected bits of
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naturally loose attachment of the pituitary membrane
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tainly that uterine fibroids even more than ovarian cysts
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can be suited some prefer black eyes some hazel some blue
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sion and it afterwards became dry in the center and
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during the day. She is an intelligent child but always
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normal product of the inflammatory process set up by
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and by the microscope. They were evidently introduced
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ists. Whenever the conditions of the experiment permit and this is in the
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side of young man of years seen in consultation with Drs.
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of agricultural teachers at the State College Bellefonte Pa. early
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From the second day on improvement was gradual and after this milder
and infinn of both sexes. During the year ending ct.
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all cases which come to autopsy. per cent show kidney lesions and
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that the administration of potassium iodide produced positive reactions in
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Dr. McGuGiN of Iowa one of the Committee on Prize Essays
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by the beauty of the surrounding country which exhibited all that
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Granting then that we have an uncomplicated case of conjunctivitis
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when it should be a pleasure and in many instances decreases
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can administer the tincture and the fluid extract in the dose of ten
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pondence and Local and Personal News requested from all parts of
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tion by loosening the sutures and favour a recurrence
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imported by biographical details of many famous pharmacists.

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