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him no pain or uneasiness except when he sat. This swelling
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mitted to the hospital under the service of Dr. Carr.
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given. If the heart can be given sufficient vigor and endur
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received during the year in the courses in bacteriology
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rity causing much pain and disturbance in the alimentary system.
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the case of wild hellebore aconite showy milkweed thorn apple
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nal Anastomosis appeared in the Medical News January
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thickening of the right hemipelvis typical of Paget s disease .
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the skin appears drawn down and atrophied the lesion
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during the same discussion said I am of the opinion that so
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testing and blood hemoglobin levels were reviewed. On
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a rule the lungs are not involved. In chronic cases the prin
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pay a substantial fee. The jualitication for admission at Brantford
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in them with less trouble and difficulty than is now experienced.
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lates. The author s fundamental assumption is that disease is
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carbohydrate metabolism and the elimination of creatin. The relation
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simple astringent collyria following upon the removal of any
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ward inflicting a severe sting upon the unwary bather
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His theory in a few words was that the periodic hemorrhage
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executed by Kflster. It consists in the exdsion of a
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by experiments on living animals. He doubted the cor
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ciation and the profession generally then venture upon sug
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sity that the Minister of the Interior should make it
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consulting many of the leading surgeons of this country
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case in which it has disappeared on the correction of the
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a greatly improved dress and showing editorial skill ami lt Hcri rui
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season and at the same lime not be loo late in narvest
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sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (bactrim ds) is known to enhance the activity of
will be no need of boring the horns. Mr. Abel Gleason
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there is much restlessness and in such frequently the loss
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carbolic acid is thoroughly effective but it is a strong remedy
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the two families on the paternal side sprang from a common
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that the structure as is frequently the case remains intact an objec
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ordered the destruction of all pictures of bears in Eome. The
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far discovered wholly represent the activity of ergot. The
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by contagion even occasionally or contingently from the fact that the con
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were applied to the spine for one or two hours twice
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suffice to say that the same treatment was continued and in

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