Is Baclofen A Barbiturates

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fecond Degree, is Ablterfive, Aperitive, and gently
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Male and Female, hot and dry in the firft Degree -,
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fide in the Ifle of Sardinia, and on the high Moun-
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mities of the Skin, as efte&ually as either Effence
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laft at Night going ro Bed, it kills Worms iiiVhil-
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cial a hir Jut a : in Eng/JJh , Crofs-wort^ and Golden
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side of the Atlantic and neither could it be, for there was not an
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whitifh, or greenilh color, and in fome broad at the
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frven following: 1. AquilegiaVulgaris fiore fimphci.
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the Virtues of the Elfence, but caufes a better and
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it is like other Melons and Cucumbers , trailing and
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silence ? And yet gratitude and love and justice demand that
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give eafe in the Gout, prevail againft the Lethargy,
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Juice. It has all the Virtues of the liquid 1 utce,
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Poyfons of all forts, chieHy thofe of Helmet-flower
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time : at the tops grow fmall yellow Flowers, not flo
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thick, with a bufb of Flairs at the top thereof, being
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fam , and applied to the Head, (the Hair being fir!!
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difference is chiefly in its E/ower , which is neither
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Stripes of white : the bottom and chives of a green-
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therefore may be given from eight drops to lixteen,
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the other until he has been ill for a number of days, it is not
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ren, and unrilled places ^ the third was lent by Jo-
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should receive our serious, constant and unremitting attention
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latter fmall grows plentifully in the River by Drox-
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brownijh Stalks , near two feet high, the lower parts
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erally be composed wholly of the persons nominated by
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herns in fhew , bearing neither Stalk nor Seed , ha-
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Tufts or TJmbles of white Flowers, which being pafl
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Vifcus in all its faculties : It is a kind of Panacea.
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fecond is found as plentifully in England as the Low
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fpeft of Heat or Cold, but dry in the third Degree •
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fome part of July ; and the Seed is ripe in July and
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Thongs like Leather , fame long, and fome Jhorier •,
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the execution of that obligation which you have severally
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Brain ; and this it will the more effeUually do, if
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Stalk of this Lupine is greater than that of the firm
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dressings and the graft inserted between the fragments of the
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taken inwardly ( llniverfals being premifed) to one

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