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Faculty Comprises Nine of the Best Known Eleclro Therapeutists in the Land.
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out doubt reached. This is a point of some importance
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none were forthcoming he made a full retraction which was published
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such as that of smell is revived from without the revival calls
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series of other factors have also contributed to its
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great work has been accomplised and there never has been anything
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these contractions of nervous origin. By experiment he succeeded in obtain
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that for the understanding of a section seen through a
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showed that the receipts for the year had been balance
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plenty of fresh air comfortable temperature of the room sponging of tlse
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case it is important to observe the strictest cleanliness
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acquired paralyses of the lower extremities. A case
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has its distinct place in pelvic surgery but it is well not to
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in the cases cited the patient recovering after being in an
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As he was a private patient and able to pay he adopted my
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fact that the suppuration commonly ceased with the evacuation
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for the examining of applicants for pensions shall as
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consistent with warmth. Leave off the corset entirely and support
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hausted. Head in cavity of pelvis pressing against pubis.
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after effects of the disease. In one case we will see an animal
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C. L. the somewhat frequent occurrence of dweneration of tne poe
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actual deaths by inasmuch as the assumption of a fixed mean
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age constipated from birth having never had a natural bowel action to
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Arabia Persia and China and introduced into western Europe by
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a finely granular fluid with the debris of bloodvessels and
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sorption and depuration accumulation takes place in the cellular mem
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Another peculiarity is that when certain enzymes e. g. rennin pep
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The third and fourth parts take up the metallic and non metallic
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was not sufficient exercise recorded to correspond to the
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