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more common diseases of the new bom. There are very
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The License to Practise and Medical Testimony. A recent
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selected cases and the results had been so gratifying
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exposed to the temptation of occasional over indulgence
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classes the death rate is considerable ranging from to per cent in mild
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amination of the debris brought away by the curette to be suffer
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syncope and real hepatic phthisis. Sometimes the abscess may
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in recording that those made of the latter metal are the best if
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largely perforated with spontaneous evulsion of the incus the considerable
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to weak or inco ordinated muscular action. In connexion with
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active never sick in his life before. On the morning of January
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druggists to retailers is therapeutically inferior in
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m general more energetically and more rapidly on the cord and sensory
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absolutely typical or in which a post mortem or Roentgen ray exam
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Currie family had her first fracture at and her most recent
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of a case of successful extraction of a piece of steel
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agreed that should the authorities insist on imposing on them these
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It may be convenient for description to adopt the division into
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several instances have led to the production of new
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nearly three pounds and parts contained S. of water. of
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though there were two cases of small pox among them.
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Obviously the chance of success in this attempt is measured by the
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fugalized. and the serum not pipetted off if the test was
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in contact with diseased animals. Before being allowed to
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tion with the heat of fermentation when yeast had been
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portion of the trigeminal nerve facial hemiansesthesia.
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that the profession might be supplied with dispensaries and drugs
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destroying life it in general confers immunity from a second attack.
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is established or even reasonably suspected it is I
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sion before the patient. It is thus reduced to proper
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more commonly employed hot water applications and poultices. Digitalis is
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The nystagmus is rendered more marked or if absent sometimes
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embolic. cases. There were in his opinion three types
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The structural changes of a more secondary kind induced by
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territory in a very insidious manner and spread before it has been
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its present condition was not perfect and owing to its
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