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liest form, known as gluten "biscuits " and cakes, commonly intolerable

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The sudden collapse of the penis, as soon as its cavernous cells are

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sometimes very small and thread-like, at other times not especially weak.

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Willis was one of the first to lay stress on the importance of a knowl-

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in the cellular tissue or liver. But influenza introduced us to another

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dogs, into the peritoneal cavity of rats, or rubbed weekly for many

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eases, ask for some features and characters by which a disposition may be

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treatment with moistened skin and wet electrodes a long coil is not

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What a pity it is that our Generals had not been magnetized, before the

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In very acute suppurative disturbances, destruction of the tissue cells

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(Nassau), Royat (Auvergne), with some lithium and arsenic ; La Bour-

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a little animal broth. The heat of the surface is to be moderated by

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springs, being exerted throughout their whole length, renders them liable

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In none of the cases which I saw did a third, fourth, or fifth relapse

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patients with injuries to nerves and impaired cutaneous sensibility the

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trunks of the limb should also be tried with both forms of current, and

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but since this result seemed to depend to a great extent on intestinal

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and on them most of our pathological observations are based. This

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Anatomical instruction and private dissection will form a prominent part In the study of the pupils.

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nutniiersoftheprecttdinc month, stitched in a cover J. V.*C. SMITH, M.D. Editor.— Price 9^,00 a

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Dr. Trimble will open the rooms for Practical Anatomy on the 1st of October, and Prof. M'Dowell

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coloured races — can tolerate an amount of heat to which the European

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hyperplasia due, as it would seem, to increased nutrition unassociated

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Helouan. — About 15 miles from Cairo, standing in an oasis in the

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tiguous, the latter being, as it were, fecundated and incited to subdivision

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vourable for its multiplication ; in the latter case symj)toms of intestinal

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presently be made. The same holds good for paroxysmal stages of re-

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have been tried, but the latter method is yet in the experimental stage.

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substances which are diffusible and, on being absorbed, lead to the

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makes its appearance in other countries and continents, it can always be

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