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There are three principal directions in which we may seek for the
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^^466 : 17 ■ 7- This is extracted from a full account of the receipts and
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The Certificates in each case must be transmitted to the Registrar at
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sible guesses. Dr. Sanderson nevertheless thinks them both "sufliciently
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Some people seemed to think there was a broad line between temper-
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and strapped to my side one of Savory and Moore's excellent army
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proportion of good results will obtain amongst those cases where the
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which should be assigned to the Society of Apothecaries in the Joint
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would have the most offensive influence on the patients. The head-
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appear to be sometimes forgotten that the studies connected with the
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membrane of the lip. A quadrilateral flap is thus formed on e.ach side.
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explain to you more fully on a future occasion. For the present it may
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disinfectant. We should be interested to learn some particulars of
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sating branches from the aorta, were of veiy rare occurrence. They
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Federals fell in the three days of the battle, and at least as many Con-
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Satanic influence was shut out, and with the passing hour all seemed
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arranged by Prussian military surgeons, and by Knights of the Order of
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tolic] impulse is followed by a diastolic impulse". I have inserted the
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cally. She remained in this condition a year or two ; and, in a fit of
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neither walk nor sit at ease, having a troublesome fissure, and the bowels always
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mentless form. They all occurred in young adults, and were all com-
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whether he acts for one or more unions is unimportant ; — and what I
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turned ghastly pale, and its breathing became almost suspended. Before the in-
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brought on by the habitual use of into.\icatiug drinks. He could bear
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should be employed in ,stimulating pharmaceutical education. The
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trolled /t'j//*?;'/:^^/*' haemorrhage ; it has readily rectified the anteverted
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providing the means to obtain it touch their pockets. These per-
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was then pointed out that this pest usually made its appearance in force
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Storks offered to construct and maintain accommodation for 1000 sick
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received two and a half months previously. He was at work at
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habitations that would foster poverty and sickness, and thus prey upon

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