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curiolity and even of the laborious induftry of learned men and the ftudy
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speedily eliminated are the less active. He has not used
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planation of its brilliant results in the treatment of plethora.
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the hospital is very much handicapped by outside po
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and the Serum Treatment. The Annals of the Pasteur Institute Paris. Ehrlich Die
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by irritation of the portions of the peritonaeum adjacent to the
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not impossible to secure trustworthy answers to the
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SECOND YEAR Anatomy Physiology Chemistry Therapeutics Pathology Practice Surgery Clinical Medicine and
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that have been imagined by different individuals he adds If we
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Lawson Tait or a solution of salt. By bacteriological
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The value of the first aid dressing cannot be overesti
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the subsequent disinfection of the furniture used a vigorous scrubbing
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utiUze only a relatively small part of the available knowledge.
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The Aspirator as a Means of Treatment. Having drawn at
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containing no moisture and little nutritive properties.
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more difficult. When the clamp is used on the other hand
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Examinations At the end of the first half year students
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erections now but even in eoitu with a well developed girl there
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is fully dilated the Habtened out hand is passed up along the
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no part of the gastro intestinal canal shows movements worth men
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at the Phipps Institute on a boy of eighteen showed
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most cases only one examination was made following an injection and
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Cesari who injected an emulsion of bacilli into the mammary artery gave similar
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cerebri inferior. F. longltudinalis ante rior fissure
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Sec.. The medical examiners may examine witnesses as to the identity
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We do not want the recti muscles continually grinding upon the
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Shortly after the publication of this powerful appeal
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The section on sponges is most excellent and instructive. On the
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He states that the segmental level of the lesion can
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splint and bandage adjusted to keep the joint al rest. For
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which showed in liquid media chains of four or more cocci. Chains
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versa the other person B then crosses the other two
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The operation of litholapaxy may be divided into two

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