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will cause definite and genei alised tubercular lesions. As to

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do not excejit very rarely increase the risk of caustics.

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The leaves of Erytliroxylon coca Lamarck and its alkaloid cocaine.

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The Branch also expresses its appreciation and thanks to

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scientific work and soon became an acknowledged authority

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the individual was susceptible to vaccinia and variola. In regard to

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delphia Academy of Surgery. Dr Morton gives an account of a

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states. In the writer s opinion there is an inebriate centre in the

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owner. In some cases they spread to other buildings and

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Roberts declares that if the sincerity humanity generos

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volvement of the trachea oesophagus and ganglia of that

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tionally developed posterior ethmoidal cell. If we proceed

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amination in the science and practice of medicine and received

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tious diet out door life and in short invigorating measures are indicated

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Here are already established laboratories for all of the natural sciences

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tpamodie crovp. A child is suddenly attacked during the night having

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duced by the dampness and changeable temperature of

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at first extremely difficult since it was necessary to

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medical practitioner of knowledge beyond the more immediate and

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plasms. If the disease had lasted a year and a half

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belongs to surgery and the names of W. J. Mayo Moynihan and

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