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in the treatment of it than those of intestinal obstruc

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Toward the close of the revolutionary war Dr. Monro

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but not always in its entirety the pectoral fascia and

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with the mouth with aphthous ulceration. During the ensuing montHs

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a duty they owe to their neighbours and even to their country

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it becomes chronic. It is chronic from the beginning when it runs a

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points of professional faith which animate our association to those prin

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it was brutal and unsurgical and the results usually

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the first degree the gastric heaviness and the distention give way

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artificial limb instead of striding with a stiff leg. All of these

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ice but at the Foundling Hospital he sometimes put back

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color it is unlike all others and does not grow in the same

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the tumor which corresponded to the influx of blood

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the looks of the faces which I have noticed any good reason for

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treatment seemed to have a most beneficial effect. The

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sinusitis required that more time be spent on the recognition prevention and

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ing little attention to the tumor during the manipulations.

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There was no hope for relief from surgical intervention

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though the danger of subsequent hernia was greater.

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ognomy the character of the febrile action and delirium and the

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cent solution dropped into the eyes every three or four

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tained if parasites which are highly virulent for cattle are passed

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