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23. Cohn. Uber die Augen von Greisen (Tagbl. d. Natuforscher-Versam. in Breslau,
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merates in some detail the activities of our spouses’
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seen in association with infected aortic grafts. 2 4
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the cyst emptied as completely as possible. After the operation, gentle
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cluding a direct approach through the base of the mes-
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caregiver refuses such consultation. However, the stan-
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The principles set forth in the Code of Ethics of the Amer-
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during an epidemic of dysentery at Prague described
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Homu3opathic convert, a, 182; hospital, dinner of, 225;
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and therefore much to be preferred if it can be made effective.
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The infection in this case was acquired in an aquarium.
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duals, and its articles manifested too much personal
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organism an etiological role in connection with this disease. This is a
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lateral amyotrophic sclerosis, which, by its principal characteristics, bulbar para-
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cians. Both short-term and long-term positions avail-
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It has ; in its power of increasing the convexfty of
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one — that on Blood-stains — we have a forcible illustration of the evils
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make good the claim which I here state, viz. : that the pneumonia-coccus
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was firm. Of 20 splenotomies performed in leukaemia only 1 (operated on by
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upon the nature of the cases requiring the operation,
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gross overuse, or inappropriate or medically unneces-
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paragraphs, and the importance of special training in dealing with the
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(piently situated at the upper and inner portion of the orbital opening
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servers upon patients who had died of diphtheria : —
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The results of this study may therefore be summed up as follows: (1)
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mate acquaintance Avith Sir B. Brodie " renders him
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the hemorrhage into the abdominal cavity occurred. Incising the cap-
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the Committee had come to the conclusion that there
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is no doubt that ultimately the complete usefulness of the hand will be restored.
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the original stent was removed and replaced with a new 6-cm

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