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any difference what it is, they begin to use that drug; there is a

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having a fmall fhew of Edges, flat at the Head, like

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Pains of the Joints or Nerves, as Gout, Inflammati-

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this opposition is traced to and shown to have been instigated —

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ven in greater quantity, and may ferve as a general

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tions, as a Phlegmon, Eryfipelas, Lfc. it cools them :

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The voice is formed by vibrations of a current of air, set in play

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tain in its action. Citrate of caffein in two or three grain doses

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color, tending to a blufh, with many Threads fet a-

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ing measles suffers from this " cough tic." Almost ceaselessly once

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if possible, although it might be permissible in some instances.

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Bladder ; at leaft it potently cleanfes the Urinary

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manner , and then perfect the Oil according to Art.

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interjection of terror and fright. Thus we may consider it in our

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a white and a yellow, but not differing from it, in

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in it ) and fo call it Dogs-tootb Violet. It is called

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which are contained fmall blackifh Seed •, the whole

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It. ynd will have ir ro lit* r'norhpr Plant which i < 1 . •:

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dijh Leaves , one fet upon another on a Stalk , with- •

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procure a light outside job, they made very little money; and conse-

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now named, but that the yellow Cup in the middle of

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and very double •, the blades grow upright alio, not

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X imeiar©-, Cbamtecyparijpu -, and ’Affjj nra 6 nkaa

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Stock-gillifiowers .* but in that hollow part which is

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mon Ground-Pine in Chap. 350. Sett. 1 1. to Sett. 2 6.

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The acute problem lies, therefore, clinically, between the pyloiiis

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“?. ch ’ , caufes . a g° od Appetite and Digeftion, and

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ing, and is of good Ufe to be applied in a Sciatica,

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much lefs ! efficacious than Garlick , as being in a

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