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^curs because ^ parasite groi#s fros the antefior (head) end and the rt»#1y''formed seg-^

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found in empyema (see the chapters on Purulent Meningitis and Cerebral

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diphtheritic) paralysis, and finally in hysteria. Muscular paresis of the

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nant and puerperal women, with a profuse secretion and an insufficient dis-

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Mild cases recover. Nevertheless, a very grave prognosis should be made

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Examination of the nervous system has so far, however, shown no uniform

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their country can obtain the equivalents for the French scientific and

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are^used tg attain t^ifomity^.tn the finished product. * - ^

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Another peculiar phenomenon must be mentioned here. It is what Weir

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reference are provided for the use of candidates at the discretion

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prospeot: (1) of passing all the neoessary examinations of the Universily;

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sis. The legs are then found in rigid tonic extension, with the knees pressed

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|ce shovels shall De made of smooth surfaced metal.

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Snglish and Indian History. Geography — General Geography, but

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was of no benefit or only of temporary benefit, or that it even materially ag-

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