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the inflammation extends upward into the trachea or downward into
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has been appreciated. The present edition, with its 316
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During this treatment careful search must be made for
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notice, and requires little in the way of treatment
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the assumption that the alcohol causes an increased new formation
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of indigestion and it soon disappeared if the children
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pulse rather went to prove this. I regret that no time was available
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from the fetor emanating from the mouth. When cattle
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speaker had said a word, had a sufficient demonstration of the
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silver has completely subsided before adding a fresh quantity of the
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free from disease, the mortality was 12 per cent. In the 43 cases
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Claypon and Schryver 2 have published some experiments on
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are that in the young child invagin/ition exists, whereas, in after life,
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boy who, during the treatment, died suddenly " in a fit.^'
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While the "science of the spade" and that of deciphering
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Dr. Witherspoon : I brought a case here to-night that is of interest
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ency markedly exhibited in new instruments devised or old ones
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when applied in dry powder to a wound, forms a coating and protects the injured surface
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education they are fitted for the woik. In most of the
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things, even though stained with the black vomit and other discharges.
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nerve. Abscissa: I ime base in 500 millisec. int< rvals
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alone relating to Staphylococcus aureus will be given in this paper.
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cially with the primitive form of hysterical anorexia. It
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breed influence predominated, because, in spite of the fact that this
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man was pale, the lips of a violet hue, the eyes sunk with dark areola
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portions of which are the hypochondriac regions. The
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Hutton, W, H. H., S trgeon,granted leave of absence
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and temperature of an appendicitis. The pain and mus-
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purposes, since every variety of disease is considered a factor
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Smith, G. T., surgeon, to Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Va.
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â– nee in the second paragraph whicli I wish to correct, as it makes
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third of the left chest signs of a large excavation were elicited. The percussion

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